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Lar-Torvis Trading

Bags & Pouches
Free Men
Free Women
Furs & Hides
Slave Gear
Tack & Saddles
Weapon Gear
Other Things
~ Raalx ~

Kataii {PG}
~~ Proprietor and host ~~

As you pass through the entryway, your senses come alive.  The aroma’s of well crafted leather goods fill the air.   A fireplace adorns the wall to your right, the intricately carved wooden mantle catching the flickering light of the flame adding its own warmth.  In front of the fire sits a low table.  A kaissa board, pieces waiting to be picked up and put into play, seems to call out to you to have a seat and put your cares away for awhile.   Lastly, two large heavy iron kettles filled with water sit to either side of the fireplace upon sturdy iron swing-arms, positioned to add just the right humidity to the room.


As your eyes travel about the room, the soft rapping of a hammer can be heard coming from the back work room.  The foot falls of thralls and bonds, some carrying heavy burdens, bustle from room to room.   To your left various hides; heavy bosk, verr, tarsk and larl fur.   The snow white sleen pelt upon the wall seems to beg you to come over and feel how soft it is.   The room appears to be segmented by type of merchandise, there is an area filled with harnesses, saddles and bridles, pack saddles and saddle bags.   Another displays various items of clothing; Riding leathers, gloves, boots, sandals.   There are fur lined leathers and tunics.  Leather dresses of several different designs and above hanging from the ceiling for all to see, a sign reminding all that alterations are free.


The list goes on and on; coin pouches, healer bags, aprons, belts, moccasins, kirtles and leashes.  Axe rings and bindings, bola and whips, armor and shields.

Behind one of the counters, laying a white woolen lined leather kirtle out for another customer’s inspection must be the Proprietor.   His eyes agleam as he ply’s his craft.  Proud of each and every item that is on display.  Looking up he sees you there and with a bright smile says:


“Welcome to Lar-Torvis Trading, please look around.  I am Raalx, the owner here, I will be right with you.”